6:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

Classes won’t have more than 6 students to every two-person (surfing instructor and surfing assistant) team. You’ll make fantastic progress with all that attention and personalized service. You can also expect to have video analysis, a very important tool for your progress.

At our surf school, you’ll have classes twice a day, for approximately 2 hours each.

The great advantage of our surf school is our base on the beach where you’ve got all the surfing equipment you need at your disposal all the time. After class is out, you’ll still have lots of free time. You’ll be the one to decide when you want to go surfing or when you just feel like relaxing and watching the waves roll by out in front of our bar.

What you will be learning as a beginner surfer:

•Introduction to surf equipment and gear
•Safety issues
•How waves form in the ocean
•The history of surf: From inception to today
•How to position yourself on the board and how to paddle, handle, and sit on the board
•How to clear the breaking zone and deal with white water
•Priority rules
•Initiation to take-off techniques (standing on the board)
•Take-off timing
•Line-up positioning
•Surfing waves before they break
•Surfing green waves in safety and with some control

What you will be learning as an intermediate surfer:

• Go through a diagnostic and appraisal session
• How to select surf gear that is adequate for your level
• Improving your paddling, sitting, and wave-catching techniques
• How to improve your positioning on the line-up
• Timing, reading the waves, and priority rules
• The hydrodynamics of a surf board
• Positioning your body for a bottom turn;
• How to surf various types of wave
• How to gain speed and trimming
• Manoeuvres: Off-the-lip, cutback, and floater