We have been paddling for more than 10 years around the globe, participating in every single SUP race in Greece and surf the most in every single brake around the island of Crete.


Chania surf club will get you out in the water and paddling in no time! We have more paddling experience and local knowledge than anyone else in the area and we will give you the best-tailored lesson for your skill level and needs whether it is just for you our your group of friends.

In our SUP courses you will quickly learn the basics of stand-up stand-up paddle surfing, and soon ride your first wave in the Mediterranean.

SUP classes for beginners

In our SUP courses, our goal is to bring you on the board and make you feel confident in any condition as soon as possible. And most important: it’s all about having fun!


  • SUP theory basics
  • Safety rules
  • Foot position and your stand on the board
  • Paddling on flat waters
  • Paddling in waves
  • Surf waves

SUP course for the more advanced

In our SUP lessons for experiecend stand-up paddle surfers, we usually focus on wave paddling techniques, but we’ll individually adapt our lessons to your needs.