Chania Iron Challenge 2014

“Battle of the paddles” 2014 inspired by BOP in California was our first ever SUP race.
Our vision is to make a SUP race event in BOP standards where all the Greek elite athletes will show up to show us some skills.
In our first event, we had almost 100 participants in both elite Race, Amature category.
Cretan open sea was there to make things harder! 1m swell with some glassy waves was in the starting line making this first race a real battle.



Elite race  men
1. Galanis Tasos
2. Ferbus George
3. Athanasiou Nick

Amature men
1. Hatziioanou John
2. Nikolaou Panagis
3. Iliakis Evagelos

Amature women
1. Saravanou Katerina
2. Bitsaki Eygenia
3. Saravanou Ioanna

1. Makrigiannakis Vasilis
2. Petrakis Kostas
3. Bitsaki Nikoleta

Chania Iron Challenge 2015

Chania Iron Challenge soon become the MUST DO in every single SUPracer’s calendar in Greece and Rip Curl come to our side to promote the sport as it is. Our 2nd annual SUP race took place on 29-30 August 2015 in Agia Marina beach with classic BoP style conditions!
Elite athletes come face to face once more both technical and distance divisions! Nothing was easy this year and after so many different battles we had the results:

Elite race  men 
1. Prapas Alex  // Rogue
2. Ferbus George // Jp Australia
3. Konstantis George //  Naish
4. Sirigos Nikos // Naish
5. Apalagakis Dimitris // Fanatic
6. Kalatzakis Nikos // Rogue

Chania Iron Challenge 2016

1. Martino Rogai // Jimmy Lewis
2. Ferbus George // Starboard
3. Konstantis George // Naish

Chania Iron Challenge 2017

1. Prapas Alex // Infinity
2. Apalagakis Dimitris //  JP
3. Klinakis George // JP

Chania Iron Challenge 2018

1.  Syrigos Nick // Naish
2.  Prapas Alex  // Infinity
3.  Apalagakis Dimitris // JP